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PRESS RELEASE: Stork Gears & Services worldwide authorized service partner for Jahnel-Kestermann gearboxes

Utrecht, the Netherlands, 22 February 2016

Stork and Jahnel-Kestermann GmbH i.L (Ja-Ke) signed an agreement to move the maintenance and supply of spare parts for Jahnel-Kestermann (Ja-Ke) gearboxes to Stork Gears & Services. This means that Stork Gears & Services becomes the only worldwide authorised service partner for businesses that own Ja-Ke gearboxes. Read more...

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Laser cladding - An innovative solution for gearbox repairs & upgrades
The hunt for innovation is imprinted in the DNA of Stork. The question "can it be done better, less expensively and more efficiently" is the driving force behind many succesfull gearbox repair projects. Thanks to innovative research and development work, Stork Gears & Services has built up a strong reputation in the field of laser cladding. Discover the benefits »

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Dredging vessel - new gearbox
Custom-built sand pump gearbox for trailing suction hopper dredger ...»
---------------------------------------- Container vessel - gearbox repair
Jahnel-Kestermann propulsion gearbox PGV 1060-450...»
- preventive maintenance
Preventive maintenance of deep suction dredger's gearbox...»
Tanker vessel - gearbox inspection
On-board Inspection of a bow thruster of a tanker vessel...»
RoRo vesssel - gearbox modification
Modification of propulsion gearboxes for RoRo Vessel...»

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Industrial gearbox projects

Power market - gearbox overhaul
24/7 gearbox overhaul at large power plant...»
Power market - gearbox diagnostics
Steam driven gearbox RENK TBE-630 plus generator...» 
Mining - gearbox repair
Emergency gearbox repair at African gold mine...»
Oil & Gas - vibration analysis
Inspection of a parallel shaft gearbox after undesirable vibration alarms...»
Steel - gearbox inspection & overhaul
Fast white metal bearings repair at Zinc plant...»

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